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Safety & Security Automation
Protect your loved ones, home, and property around the clock

What can safety and Security Automation do for my home?

  • Inside and outside lights turn on in the event of a security alarm.
  • Shut down air conditioners automatically in the event of a fire to prevent the spreading of smoke throughout the home.
  • Call or go online to change your home's security, temperature, light settings or view live surveillance video.
  • Back-up battery resources ensure security even during a power loss.
  • Limit home or pool access with automation and security permissions you choose for family members, the maid, or your lawn service.

Security and Fire Protection
RCS's controllers provide proven protection with their UL Listed and CP-01 compliant security and fire system. Intrusion, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water, and other hazards are detected by either wired or wireless sensors. RCS's full-line of wireless security sensors is perfect for existing homes. Wireless sensors not only protect but facilitate automation, such as illuminating the foyer light when the front door opens.

In an emergency, RCS's systems can communicate with a central monitoring station and provide notifications up to eight phone numbers. An email or text message can be sent, for instance, when children return home from school. A back-up battery feature ensures system operation even during a power failure. RCS goes a step further by offering a telephone backup solution to communicate with your security monitoring company-even if the phone line has been cut.

RCS has developed a family of systems that meet virtually all size, sophistication, and pricing requirements. Each model offers the best price-to-performance ratio in its class.

RCS's home control systems feature built-in UL Listed security and fire systems, and also control lights, temperature, security, access, surveillance, and audio automation.

Safety and Security on Your Way In
Swipe the card to activate pathway lighting and additional safety features. Swiping a card can disarm the alarm, release the door lock, and light a pathway into the house, change the temperature, and turn on the whole home audio system.

The Ultimate Video Security Solution
View recorded archive video with the RCS Camera Server, Web-Link II, or WL3 for Windows Home Server. Have peace of mind by checking on pets, the babysitter, guests at the front door and property-from anywhere.

Ensure a Secure Home
RCS's products record IP or analog video based upon time, event, or motion. Play back video and view full screen surveillance at your convenience. Individual user codes can be established for certain access on certain days. This is very useful for your maid service or a landscaper. When an alarm occurs, interior and exterior lights can flash, audio can be activated throughout the home, cameras can begin recording, doors can be unlocked, and more.

Surveillance Plus Control
Cameras can be viewed on Touchscreens, the Internet, or a web-enabled phone. When the doorbell rings or motion is detected outside, the video feed can automatically appear. Want to invite your guest in? Simply press and hold the camera selection button to open the door or gate.

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